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Specifics of international private law.

Drug Cases


  • Have you been charged with a drug offense? Drug offenses can range from misdemeanors to felonies. A drug conviction can affect your way of life; professional license; and educational opportunities.
  • Our firm has the experience you need to navigate these waters. You may be eligible for treatment or other programs specific to your needs. Drug cases include possession and trafficking.
  • The government has agents working to gather evidence every day. Allow us today to fight for your rights.

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  • Is the trial over? Did you or a family member suffer a conviction? Appeals have very strict deadlines that must be adhered to
  • You need an experienced appellate lawyer to determine if there was enough evidence to convict you; ascertain how persuasive the evidence was; and, determined if a miscarriage of justice occurred.
  • Allow us to fight for your appellate rights.

Traffic Matters


  • Traffic violations are more than annoyances. The court can suspend your license and insurance companies can demand more money from you.
  • You need an experienced lawyer to determine if it’s worth your time and effort to fight the ticket.

Violent Crimes


  • Violent crimes include: assault, domestic violence, and murder. A conviction could be devastating to you and your family; and, could result in a lifetime of consequences.
  • Our firm can guide you and your family though the process of getting bail; preparing your defense; and, investigating your case. We have the compassion necessary to understand your circumstances and help you achieve the best possible results.
  • Contact us today to go over your concerns about what could happen next.

Family Law


  • Divorce can be an emotional time, especially when children are involved. Parenting choices must be made; support established; and, parental rights must be protected.
  • Our firm handles these difficult matters. We can guide you through how child support is established; how parental rights are allocated; and, fight for your rights in court.
  • Allow us to fight to protect your rights.



  • OVI/DUI offenses are complicated and unique. Don’t walk into court without counsel. An OVI/DUI conviction can lead to a suspended license; effect your employment; and, could have everlasting consequences.
  • Our firm will fight to protect your rights. We will go over your case and make sure the government has followed their own rules and guidelines.
  • We look forward to advocating for you!

Sex Crimes


  • The mere accusation of a sex crime can lead to devastating consequences. A conviction could lead to a lifetime of registration.
  • Our firm has the experience to fight for you. We understand this is a difficult time with very real consequences.
  • Let us begin fighting for you!

Civil Matters


  • Civil matters can include; contracts; defamation; auto accidents; emotional distress; or, property rights.
  • Our firm has the experience you need to guide you through the process. We will take the time to review your case; go over your options with you; and, help you determine what happens next.
  • Time is not on your side, contact us today and let us review your case!