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State of Ohio v. Traci Smith – Ninth Appellate Court Case Number 14 CA 0122-M

Traci pled no contest to dogs running at large, a violation of the Wadsworth Codified Ordinances. Traci was sentenced to seven days in the Wadsworth City Jail. On appeal, Wesley presented the case to the Ninth District Court of Appeals. The Court of Appeals reversed the conviction and remanded back to Wadsworth Municipal Court. After Wesley demanded a jury trial on Traci’s behalf the government dismissed the case against Traci.

State of Ohio v. Brandon DeLeon – Ninth District Court of Appeals Case Numbers CA-28566, et al.

Brandon was sentenced to more time that was permitted under the law. On appeal, Wesley argued this was error by the trial court.

State of Ohio v. Jarvell Henderson – Ninth District court of Appeals Case Number CA-29090

Jarvell was offered a plea deal for a life sentence with parole eligibility after 25 years. The government withdrew the plea offer and Jarvell appealed. On appeal, Wesley argued that the text messages between Jarvell’s trial counsel and the prosecutor should be considered a plea agreement enforceable against the government.

State of Ohio v. Danielle Mitchell – Ninth District Court of Appeals Case Number CA-29233

Danielle was tried and convicted for robbery. Danielle appealed. On appeal, Wesley argued that the evidence was insufficient as a matter of law to convict Danielle and the trial court made an error by admitting evidence against Danielle that should not have been admitted.